Meet Our Sparkle Squad

Owners: Martin and Melinda

Martin got thrown into the jewelry world when he was scammed and bought a fake ring. After that, he got bit by the gold bug and wanted to know all that there was to know about diamonds and fine jewelry. Soon after, he met Melinda and together they were driven to make their jewelry dreams a reality. They both went to jewelry school and traveled the world finding the most amazing prices and quality in jewelry for their customers. They put in hard work and long hours for many years to make Silver and Gold what it is today. Read all about how the History of Spirit Lake Silver and Gold here.

 Store Manager: Shelley 

Shelley has been with Silver and Gold with 30 years now. It started as her first job experience but quickly became her passion. Now she is a total diamond expert. She has style, class and always finds the bright side in every situation. She strives to be the best and all of her clients love to work with her because of that. She gets so much joy from helping customers with important pieces that they will treasure for a lifetime and takes her job very seriously, which is why we admire her so much! We are so thankful to have had Shelley with us for 30 years, we can’t wait to continue to see her grow in this business.



 Sales Associate: Veronica

Veronica, who has also been here for 30 years, is a one of a kind employee. She is smart, helpful and always comes to work willing to do anything and everything. She has a passion for her clients and loves taking their old jewelry and creating it into something that they will wear everyday. She’s been married for 45 years and loves her big family. Her caring and nurturing nature shines through everyday when she shows up to work willing to go the extra mile for her clients. We are thankful to have had an employee like Veronica for the past 30 years! Heres to many more!


 Sales Associate: Kathy 

Don’t let Kathy’s sweet innocent exterior fool you, she loves to laugh and have a great time with customers. She always wants everything to be exactly right and that is why she is trusted by all of her clients. Kathy has been working in the Mall for quite sometime now, she started at the bank many years ago and even worked in the Look for a short time until she transitioned into Silver and Gold and she has been in love with jewelry and creating relationship with customers ever since. We are so thankful for Kathy and the many laughs she has given us over the years. 


 Sales Associate: Bridget

Bridget is the spunky, fun and makes you laugh no matter the situation! She has been with Spirit Lake Silver and Gold for 11 years now and has easily become what we like to call “Bridal Bridget”. She is a favorite when it comes to engagement ring shoppers because she is so easy going, inviting, laid back but willing to go above and beyond to make her clients happy.  She is hard working and wears her heart on her sleeve and we are so happy to have her as an employee!


Sales Associate: Emily

Emily started working for us over a year ago and we have had so much fun getting to know her. She graduated from Iowa State with a degree in merchandising and always knew she wanted to end up in retail. She has loved getting to know all about fine jewelry. She always laughs at every joke and her young and fun-loving spirit always brightens up the store! We can’t wait to see her continue to grow!


Sales Associate: London

London is the newest member to our full-time sales staff. She joined us a few months ago but is quickly becoming a great asset to our team. She is young, fresh and loves all the new styles and trends of jewelry. There is so much to learn about jewelry, diamonds and customer service but she is dedicated and willing to learn which is why we love having her on our team! We can't wait to see where this career will take her.


 Head Bench Jeweler: Megan

Many of you might not know Megan, but she has been a huge part of Silver and Gold. Megan is our head bench jeweler and is amazing at what she does. She has wonderful attention to detail, a heart of gold and is very creative. All of these attributes make for an awesome jeweler. She knows the value of what jewelry is to the owner and always puts love and care to everything she works on. We couldn’t be more grateful for her to be on our team.



Bench Jeweler: Cody

Cody is new to Spirit Lake Silver and Gold but he is definitely not new to jewelry repair! He has been a bench jeweler for 15 years now and is very talented at what he does. Being a bench jeweler is not an easy career to master but we are impressed everyday with his knowledge in jewelry. He has been a huge blessing to Spirit Lake Silver and Gold and we are so thankful for this addition to the team.

 We are so appreciative and thankful for everyone that works at Silver and Gold. We have the most amazing team that makes coming into work a joy everyday. Without all of these amazing workers, Spirt Lake Silver and Gold would not be the same store and we cannot express just how grateful we are for them. 

Stop in today and have some fun with our awesome team! See you soon!