WOW Pink Event at Spirit Lake Silver and Gold

Spirit Lake Silver and Gold WOW Event

This coming weekend is WOW! Which is very exciting for us at Spirit Lake Silver and Gold because we will be doing some fun events in the store. We love to share our love of jewelry with our customers and this event is perfect for that! Come stop by, enjoy fun pink drinks and treats, while trying on dome seriously stunning jewelry!

Here are somethings you need to know about WOW!

  • We will be featured in the Great Lakes Mall booth in the Expo, where you can see some of our collection of trendy jewelry and funky bands!
  • During the Holiday Style Show on Saturday, there will be several models showing off some of our gorgeous jewelry!
  • In our store, we will have a stunning selection of new trendy jewelry for you to try on and treat yourself! 
  • Lastly, there will be fun pink drinks and treats for you to enjoy while shopping around with us.

Schedule for the Weekend!
Friday, Nov. 10
Sneak Peak at the Expo Center
Saturday, Nov. 11
9-5:30 WOW Pink Event at Spirit Lake Silver and Gold
10:30 Entertainment at Great Lakes Mall 
11-2 Holiday Style Show at Great Lakes Mall

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