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June // Pearl and Alexandrite


Pearl and Alexandrite is the birthstone for June. Pearls are the perfect gift for anyone, especially perfect for girls whose birthday lands in June! Alexandrite is also a fun stone. Girls that are born in June are some lucky ones having multiple stones for their birthday.


Here are some things that you might not know about the rare stone Alexandrite.


Alexandrite can change color in different lights. The stone goes from bluish green in sunlight to reddish purple under artificial light. This color changing effect is due to amounts of chromium found in the stone.

The first person to find Alexandrite was Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold in Russia. When he discovered the stone he actually mistook it for an emerald.

Since the stone is not found as much as others, it’s history is kind of short. Even with its short history, the gem is still associated with good fortune and is said to increase creativity.


Now that you know a little about Alexandrite, here are some more facts about Pearls.


Recently, a 2,000 year old pearl was discovered in an Australian Aboriginal archaeological dig. What a find!

Pearl divers faced the threat of shark attacks and other things that lurk in the ocean every time they went out to find gorgeous pearls. The mortality rate of Pearl divers was at 50 percent in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. We call that dedication!

All pearl oysters are born male but transform into females after three years.


There are lots of fun facts that go with Alexandrite and Pearls, but the best part about them is the way they look as jewelry! At Spirit Lake Silver and Gold we have the prettiest pieces that are perfect for June Birthdays. Come on in today and see what we have.


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