What's your Fancy?

In these few short months of 2019, there has been one trend in jewelry that has stood out from the rest and that is FANCY COLORED DIAMONDS! 
First, it was Katy Perry getting engaged with a big 4ct Pink Diamond and now it is Lady Gaga, stepping out on the Oscars red carpet wearing a 128.54ct Yellow Diamond necklace.  
Lady Gaga's necklace was not just any necklace. This was a $30 million necklace. Tiffany & Co. was the maker of this immaculate piece of jewelry. This diamond is 141-years old and was last worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961. It is also the first time for this yellow diamond to be worn to an awards show.
So whether it is pink, yellow, blue, green... We have all the fancy colors of diamonds in our store and a small collection on our website! If you are looking for something that is unique but still classic, fancy diamonds are the way to go!
Listen to Shelley, our diamond expert, talk about some of her favorite fancy colored diamond pieces in the store. She also talks about some of the treatment done on the rare pink diamonds in another video on our Facebook page! So make sure to head on over to Facebook to learn more about the dreamy fancy colored diamonds!


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