Spirit Lake Silver and Gold In-Store Remount Event!

Spirit Lake Silver and Gold In-Store Remount Event


Are you letting sentimental jewelry, diamonds or gemstones collect dust in your jewelry box? Breathe new life into your gems during the Spirit Lake Silver and Gold Remount Event! Going on now through October 14th. 

A remount event is a perfect time to dust off your jewelry box, and redesign those old or outdated pieces! 

A remount can be many different things: 

• Maybe you are ready to upgrade your center diamond in your wedding set. your love has grown over the years, and it is the time to show that your love has grown

• If your current ring is showing signs of wear- perhaps the back is getting thin, or the prongs are worn down; consider a new semi-mount! We can reset your current diamonds in an existing semi-mount, or draw up a brand new ring! 

• Often we are gifted or inherit sentimental pieces that aren’t our style. Keep the sentiment intact by resetting the diamonds or gemstones into something that you will wear and cherish. 

• Most of us have a few pieces that, over the years, have broken, worn out, or simply are outdated. Reset the diamonds or gemstones into trendy new pieces that you will love to wear and show off! 

At Spirit Lake Silver and Gold, we have more choices than ever to choose from! Martin and Melinda have hand-picked an assortment of diamonds and semi-mounts that we can’t WAIT to show you! 

Have our in-store jewelers will build your new look!

We have a team of creative jewelry professionals that that will help you design or re-design your diamonds and gemstones. 

We love custom projects, and can have custom computer CAD drawings of your piece done, 

If you have a large project, let us mock up a wax mold of your new piece. A mold is an excellent way to view your new piece in 3-D before it is done in gold. If you are interested in a wax, simply pay a small deposit fee. This fee is credited toward your final piece!

Now is the time to enjoy those special pieces, during the Spirit Lake Silver and Gold Remount Event! October 1 - 14th. 

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