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Since all diamond cut styles are very different, unique characteristics determine quality for each shape. Select your preferred shape below and learn how to recognize the most beautiful diamond in that shape.

Round Diamond 

Round is the most popular diamond shape. Round is a clean, classic and very versatile shape. It is also considered a timeless shape that will never go out of style with the most incredible brilliance. 

Princess Diamond 

Princess diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape. Princess diamonds are defined by straight corners and right angles offering a modern and glamorous look all around. 

Oval Diamond

An oval diamond is a beautiful balance between a round and marquise cut diamond. The elongated shape can create the illusion of a larger size diamond. Oval diamonds are highly versatile, remarkably elegant and distinctive. 

Radiant Diamond

The Radiant shape combines the silhouette of an emerald cut with the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond. The corners on the radiant are angled rather than pointed, and due to the depth, it requires a big carat weight to maximize brilliance. 

Asscher Diamond

Asscher diamond has an art deco feel and has a square shape with cut corners similar to an emerald cut. Asscher shaped diamonds are sleek and modern in a solitaire setting and their unique shape complements perfectly with vintage-inspired pieces. 

Marquise Diamond

Marquise diamonds feature pointed ends with a curved middle for an eye-catching look.  A marquise diamond can give you a much larger-looking diamond, and the length makes the fingers appear long and slender. Some May notice a "Bowtie' effect through the center.

Pear Diamonds

The pear shape is achieved by combining two other diamond cuts round brilliant and marquise. At one end, you have the gentle curves of a round cut; at the other, the pointed charm of a marquise. Best of all, it retains much of the sparkle of a round cut, despite not conforming exactly to that shape. The unique shape flatters the finger and offers a distinctive look. 

Emerald Diamond

The emerald diamond shape is treasured for its elegant silhouette. The flat plains create a window intro into the center of the diamond. Many love the clean lines of the emerald shape diamonds. 

Heart Diamond

Heart Shape diamond is a true symbol of love. They shimmer with two symmetrical halves, which creates a bold and romantic look. Heart shape diamonds offer a distinctive look in any engagement ring.

Trillion Diamond

Trillion diamonds are obviously named after the triangle. Often used as a side or accent diamonds. However, they can be a show stopper for a center diamond. 

Cushion Diamond

The cushion shape can be round or square with softly rounded corners that resemble a "pillow" shape. Cushion shapes are very popular in halo style or vintage styles making it an elegant choice. 


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