Need More Harmony, Balance and Happiness in Your Life?


July Birthstone is the RUBY. This gem can range from deep red to even a pinkish color and have been a very popular gemstone for over 2000 years! The ruby is one of four stones that are included in the “Precious Gems” category along with Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond.

The rarest color of ruby is called pigeon’s blood which is a fiery shade of red, with a subtle hint of blue or purple. These rubies are more valuable than others because of their brilliance and transparency.

Some fun Folklore of RUBIES

Rubies are a symbol of passion and enduring love. They have been believed to give one powers of seduction and virility. If you believe in that or not still seems like a risk we might be willing to take. :)

When warriors would go into battle they would bring with them rubies. They believed that the rubies would bring them protection and strength. It was also believed that the rubies would bring them victory.

Need more harmony, success, emotional balance, and contentment in your life? Look no further because a ruby can bring you all those things. Okay, that might just be a myth but it is worth a shot right? And it helps that they are so pretty when put in the right kind of jewelry.

If you are a July baby then you got pretty lucky with your stone! It is gorgeous and can do wonders for your happiness and health! Stop in today and check out our selection at Spirit Lake Silver and Gold.


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