March Birthstone // Aquamarine

Many people think that because of St. Patricks Day, March's birthstone is Emerald but it is actually a gorgeous light blue stone called Aquamarine. Aquamarine can come in light blue or a very rich aqua color that can bring back memories of the ocean. Here are some facts that you might not have known about Aquamarine.
  1. The word Aquamarine actually means sea water in Latin.
  2. If you need an awakening of love in your life, wear aquamarine to do just that! Or so legend says.
  3. Roman sailors believed that throwing aquamarine treasures out to the sea would protect them from the dangers at sea. (We recommend wearing the aquamarine instead of throwing it out to sea :))
  4. A 1,298 carat aquamarine can be found in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. Brazilian president gifted this gem to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936
  5. This gemstone should be given as a 19th wedding anniversary gift.
Now that you know all about this gorgeous gemstone, start shopping the aquamarines in our store. 
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