July Birthstone: Ruby

July’s Birthstone – Ruby


As George Eliot has declared, ‘These gems have life in them – their colors speak, say what words fail of’ From time to time they have been discovered form all around the world, gemstones have enthralled millions of people, from their captivating and unique color, as well as matt-finished and sparkling brilliance.

Although it was almost certain that gemstones would eventually find their way in the market place of jewelry, some people might even be fanatically enthusiastic of owning a precious stone. A precious stone, which is not only known for its color, but also holds certain significance in jewelry making is the July birthstone – Ruby.

The Birth:

A ruby is basically composed of a mineral called aluminum oxide, commonly known as corundum. With the exceptional color it holds and the beautiful texture it offers, it is rightly called ‘Ratnaraj’ in Sanskrit –which means the ‘King of the Stones’. July birthstone Ruby has also been called the love stone, due to its glossy red color. The redness in this gem comes from the presence of a mineral called chromium and is one of those four precious stones – the other four being emeralds, sapphire and diamonds, which have highly been used to produce some of the most expensive jewelry sets in the world.

The areas which are abundant in the production and exploration of Rubies are Myanmar, which was previously known as Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, and in different areas of Afghanistan. It can also be found in some other countries such as the US, Vietnam and Nepal. The Burmese Rubies are the most famous of all the rubies present in the world, and with the finest quality it holds, it is mostly found in the Mogok Valley of Burma. The unique thing about these rubies is that they may hold blemishes, alongside their deep red color, which makes them stand out in the jewelry market for precious stones.

About the Color:

The Ruby is July birthstone, and like many other precious stones such as emeralds, the color of this stone is the dominant feature in it. The range of color in ruby is versatile, and can range from a fiery orange red to a deep purple red as well, depending on the area it has been extracted from. Unlike diamond, ruby has a list of different hues, however, there are four in particular, which form the basis of this exceptionally eye-catching stone – orange, slight orange, purple and slight purple.

The Bottom Line:

Ruby has been excessively used as one of the most brilliant stones for jewelry making. It has been available in the market for as long as most of us can remember, and provides the ‘eye-of-the-beholder- with a pleasing feeling every time. This July birthstone Ruby, is one of the best options if you are looking for an exceptional jewelry piece, and it not only holds different textures and colors within itself, but also provides a different contrast with any outfit you wear it on.


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