January Birthstone // Garnet

January really snuck up on us... but 2018 is our year to sparkle!

Garnet is the birthstone this month and if you are a fan of Rose Gold, then you are in luck! Rose Gold and Garnet are just way too pretty together!
Here are some things you might not have known about Garnet!
  1. Originally, the word garnet comes from the 14th Century Middle English word "gernet" which means dark red.
  2. Another word for garnet is "granatum" which means seed in Latin, since the color of garnet looks similar to the red seeds of a pomegranate.
  3. Garnet is found all over the world! Even here in the United States.
  4. There are myths about garnets being able to bring peace and good health to the home.
  5. A garnet can symbolize a deep and lasting friendship. So they can be a gift to someone whose friendship you deeply value.

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