Happy Fourth of July in Boji!

Happy Fourth of July!

Can you believe that it is already July? We can't.. But we are prepared for the traffic and the vacationers that Boji brings! We love having fun with everyone that walks into the store during this awesome time of year!

This year we had Okoboji Firework Pendants especially made for the people that absolutely love everything about Okoboji during the 4th of July! Melinda designed these herself and wanted them to always be able to bring back the amazing memories of 4th of July.

There are still three firework pendants left so if you think you might have missed out, there is still a chance for you to get these awesome limited edition pendants!

We hope you all have a safe and fun Fourth of July! If you are in the area and it decides to rain on your plans, stop in and visit us! We are open from 9-3pm and the rest of the week 9-6:30! We might even have some treats for you!

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