Do you have carats in your ears?!

(Somebunny thinks they are verryyyyyyy funny!)


Seriously though, we are running our tails off getting ready for BIG DIG 20, and summer in general!

Can anyone relate to this: we complain ALL winter about, well winter, and still manage to be surprised when spring gets here! Well, even though we had a couple of those big white fluffy precipitation things (that shall not be named!), it is looking like spring is (finally) here!

Even though we are busy with future events, we haven't forgotten about what's happening right now! We've added a feature case- right now our collection of gold, silver and diamond crosses are on display!

We've also added quite a few new diamond pieces- perfect for the diamond birthday, or that something new to add to your spring wardrobe.

If you have any jewelry repair or custom design that you have been putting off- this is the time to get it done! We do have 3 full-time jewelers, but they get pretty booked up around dig time :D

And yes, if the Easter bunny is going to bring you carats, tell them that the best ones are at Spirit Lake Silver & Gold!


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