Diamond // April Birthstone

April babies know they are the lucky ones. Diamonds go with absolutely everything and are a stone that you will never go wrong with. You might know that diamonds are the hardest substance but there many other facts about diamonds that you do not know about. Here are some of those facts.

  1. Diamonds are nearly 100% carbon.
  2. Romans thought that diamonds were actually the tip of Cupid's arrow. This might have been the earliest association between diamonds and love.
  3. Diamonds have always been valuable. In India as early as the fourth century there is evidence of diamonds being collected and traded.
  4. In some cultures it was thought that wearing diamonds during battle to give them strength and courage.
  5. The largest diamond ever mined was 3106 carats and was named Cullinan. It was eventually cut up into 9 large diamonds and 100 smaller ones. the 3 largest of these diamonds can be seen at the Tower of London and is part of the Crown of Jewels.
  6. The first diamond engagement ring known of given to Mary of Burgundy from Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. It was a gold ring that had an M spelled out in diamonds. 
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