Anniversary coming up?!... Read this!!

You can never go wrong with diamonds on your anniversary but if you were thinking something other than diamonds there is a guide for that!

Yes.. Every anniversary has a piece of jewelry that goes with it! It might seem like a lot of jewelry but at least there is a guide on which gem goes with which anniversary! Below are the official gems for each! Just know that it’s never a bad thing to just ask for diamonds either! :)

1st: Gold               2nd: Garnet           3rd: Pearl              4th: Blue Topaz
5th: Sapphire        6th: Amethyst        7th: Onyx              8th: Tourmaline
9th: Lapis Lazuli    10th: DIAMOND    11th: Turquoise   12th: Jade
13th: Citrine           14th: Opal             15th: Ruby            16th: Peridot
17th: Watch           18th: Tiger’s Eye   19th: Auqamarine 20th: Emerald
30th: Pearl              40th: Ruby            50th: Gold           60th: DIAMOND

You don’t always have to go off of this guide but it is good to know which gems go with what anniversaries. Especially during this time of year when many people have gotten married!

Just know that you can never go wrong with giving your significant other DIAMONDS so when in doubt come into our store and let one of our amazing sales girls show around and have a blast while doing it.

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