All About Sapphire

Sapphire takes its name from the Greek word sappheiros which in itself is a name for another blue gemstone. In ancient times, it was associated with qualities that could help it protect its wearer from all evil and mystical powers. Medieval kings often used to wear it because they thought it would protect them from their enemies.  Although they are found in many places all over the world but they are most commonly found in the mines of Australia, Sri Lanka, and Malawi.

We all know that in 1981, Britain’s Prince Charles gave a sapphire ring to Princess Diana .It was because of this that modern people began to link fairy tales to sapphires. However, did you know that even French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gifted his beloved Josephine a sapphire engagement ring? The ring was later sold for millions in an auction. They have since long been the favored choice for rings wherein Victorian times they were accompanied with diamonds to create alluring floral patterns on rings. Not just for engagements, clergymen and kings from the medieval times wore blue sapphire rings as well since they thought it would bring them blessings from heaven.

It has been associated with royalty and romance for a long time. Maybe this is where the word 'royal blue’ came from. In the early times, people took it as a precious stone which had the powers to protect them from evil and all kinds of mishaps that could come in their lives. It was associated with mystical powers which meant that it would bring them extra blessings from heaven.

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