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About us

After 40 years of business as the diamond experts of Northwest Iowa, we continue to expand our selections and services. We appreciate all of our loyal customers and friends and are looking forward to assisting all of our new customers. If you are already a customer of Spirit Lake Silver and Gold, you know we are unique, and anything but boring!

Top Reasons to shop and Spirit Lake Silver and Gold:

  • 1. You want a piece of jewelry that continues to delight you even after years of enjoyment
  • 2. You want a selection of fine jewelry so large even those with eccentric taste will find a piece to love.
  • 3. You want a custom piece of jewelry created by you and our in store designers with attention to even the finest detail.
  • 4. You want jewelry that fits your lifestyle, your personality, and your dreams.
  • 5. You want to be treated with respect, and listened to rather than talked at.
  • 6. You want true value rather than a low price achieved through the sacrifice of quality.
  • 7. You want the best. From our selection of fine jewelry to our knowledgeable sales staff and superior customer care before and after the sale, we strive for excellence.
  • 8. You want reliable. We have grown our business by using the golden rule Our customers know they can count on our reputation for quality, value, and trust.
  • 9. You want it all! Our owners travel internationally and hand select each piece of jewlery, bringing directly to our customers the style and values worldwide jewelry markets offer.
  • 10. You want to say it came from Spirit Lake Silver and Gold!