Sassy Sapphires for September

With September comes many things, the Clay County Fair, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and of course, SAPPHIRES. Sapphires are one of our favorite gemstones at Silver and Gold simply because it is such a beautiful stone that compliments every outfit! The deep rich sapphire color goes with literally everything. This blue beauty is not only known for its navy hue but also known to come in every color of the rainbow, except red! 

Our multicolor Sapphire jewelry has recently become more and more popular! If you would like to see some of the multicolor Sapphire pieces we have had in the store, check out our Watercolor video on Facebook! 

Since it is September, we are focusing more on the tradition color of sapphire! Sapphires come in all shades of blue as well but the most expensive would be the cornflower blue color. The cornflower blue has a vivid and pure blue hue making it the most sought after and expensive blue sapphire. 

Each Sapphire is different and unique and just because it is not the most sought after color, does not mean it is not beautiful! We love every single piece of sapphire jewelry in our case and we would love for you to fall in love with one! Stop on in and see all of our amazing sapphire jewelry! You can also browse our smaller selection online!

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