Everyday Essentials

Easy, Everyday Essentials that mean something to you! This collection is not just necklaces, they are much more than that! Let us tell you why...

That magical feeling of accomplishment, of getting that goal, of hard work paying off! Capture that feeling with a piece from our Everyday Essentials line. There is nothing more empowering than conquering your goals and that is exactly what this line celebrates! Wear a piece of jewelry that you love to put on every day that also reminds you of how you got where you are now!


Another reason we created this line, we love seeing women cheer other women on in every aspect of their lives. You are unique, different, important and there is no one else exactly like you! We think your jewelry should represent that uniqueness as well! So let your true personality shine through every single day with a piece from our Everyday Essentials line! 

Tell us what is the biggest thing you have accomplished in the past year on our latest Instagram or Facebook post!

Stop in our store to see the Everyday Essential line in person or check out a few of these pieces on our website at spiritlakesilverandgold.com! Check out our Facebook and Instagram as well!



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