Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Top Trends of 2019 for Diamond Engagement Rings

The perfect diamond engagement ring in 2019 is a mixture between classic, timeless and unique! Something that has not been seen before, but also something that will not lose it's beauty over the many years of your love. Here are the top trends in engagement rings for 2019. 

1. Vintage Flair

The biggest trend of 2019 has to be vintage vibes! Filigree, mill grain edges and sapphire accents are all signs that vintage is your style. If you are attracted to these delicate details look no further, we have plenty for you to scroll through! Gabriel & Co. is a brand that we carry in our store that has plenty of gorgeous vintage diamond rings. Check them out for yourself by clicking on our Gabriel & Co. rings below!


2. Fancy Cut

Even though the classic round diamond is pretty popular, more and more ladies these days are moving towards the fancy cut diamonds! The most popular has been oval and pear but the marquise is making a big comeback as well. Also, cushion and emerald cut diamonds are slowly making their way to the top! So what is your fancy?


3. Make it Your Own

What many gals are loving as their engagement rings are simple solitaire diamonds and they make it their own by stacking bands. This makes it simple for the men to pick out the ring because it is really just the diamond they are picking out and the ladies can spice it up and make it look exactly the way they want it to with different bands. 


4. Fancy Color

In recent news, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are now engaged. The ring was a 4ct fancy pink diamond, worth around 1 million dollars. Leading up to this grand engagement, we have noticed a greater interest in fancy colored diamonds. Pink, yellow, green and blue are all very popular, but our pink diamonds are becoming quite popular. Now that Katy Perry has one it is just a matter of time before beautiful pink diamonds are more and more wanted. 


5. Modern Twist

Lastly, If you are not all about the fancy colored and shaped diamonds, you might like something like our recently popular rope designs. Several of our most popular diamond rings in the store have the texture and twist of a rope that is very classy but also very different. So if you like a classic look but still want an extra something, our diamond rings with a subtle twist are trending now! 


We have so many amazing options online but even more in the store. We are sure you will find your dream engagement ring with Spirit Lake Silver and Gold. We are experts in diamonds and custom design if you are wanting to customize the perfect ring. Don't forget about our 12 Month Interest Free Financing Available as well! Stop on in today and see for yourself the endless options! Check out our Facebook and Instagram page to keep up to date on all of our new arrivals!




  • Antique style engagement rings are eye-catching because of their non-traditional design, intricate details and classic look.

  • Beautiful jewelry and advice! I definitely agree with the vintage and antique suggestion!

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  • Awesome Jewelry Collection, I love it…


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